How to Prepare Your Attic for Insulation

|| April 12, 2018

Before investing in new insulation, take the necessary measures and precautions to make sure your attic is ready for the upgrade.

1. Check for dampness and mold

Survey the attic space thoroughly for wet or damp conditions, keeping an eye out for mold and rot on the rafters. Although insulation will absorb moisture, current damp and moldy conditions indicate a current moisture problem in the space. Work with a builder or expert to first determine the source of the moisture problem and fix it before installing new insulation. 

2. Evaluate the rafters

Do your home’s rafters meet current code requirement? Depending on when your house was built, rafters might need to be repaired, swapped out, strengthened or replaced before adding insulation. Inspecting the rafters is important because it helps prevent roof failure, especially during heavy snowfalls and snow melts.  

3. Clean out the attic

If you are using your attic as storage space, take the opportunity to clean out your belongings. Insulation is less effective when there is a layer or plywood or other floor lining the attic.

4. Seal the attic

Your attic needs specific ventilation capacity, but it also needs to be sealed for the duct insulation to work effectively. Inspect the space to see that no holes, slits or cracks are allowing air to escape. It is best to work with a professional to strike a balance between necessary ventilation and sealant efficiency.

5. Research insulation material and techniques

Insulating materials depend on home needs, product preferences and financial investment. Before moving ahead with a chosen material, be sure to research all available options to determine which approach is best for your home.

Are you ready for new insulation in your attic? Reach out to Green Attic to learn more about your insulating options and how to best prepare your home for an energy efficiency upgrade.