How Important Is Ventilation For My Roof?

If you are wondering this, you probably already know the honest answer and the answer is it is very important. 

If your roof does not have proper ventilation, you are susceptible to many problems. Improper ventilation allows water, moister and stale air to become trapped right under the roof and in the insulation of your house. Problems such as mold, ice dams and inefficient energy use all result in two things; unhealthy/unsafe living conditions and expensive repair costs.

Here are a few things to watch for:  

Ice Dams

Snow melts off a sloping roof and slides down to the eaves. Should temperatures reach freezing degrees, ice will form and build upon the eaves of your roof. As snow continues to melt and slide down your roof, the Ice will act as a dam preventing the water from going anywhere

This will result in water seeping under your roof and in between the insulation. This, as you've started to guess, causes mildew and a build-up of mold and the deterioration of the frame of your house.   

The Solution 

Green Attic Insulation will use Steamers to remove all Ice Dams. Steamers keep a constant temperature at 290 degrees. Unlike a hot Water Pressure washer, the steamers reduce the amount of runoff water to a controlled melt. Not to mention a pressure washer could do damage to your shingles and roof. Our steamers take care fo he Ice Dams while making sure to keep your roof in healthy and working condition. The controlled water runoff will ensure no water ends up where it could do any more harm to the structure of your home.