Crawl Space Foundation 

A crawl space is an area under the first story of the home that is unfinished and has a height lower than that of a basement. An average crawl space clearance ranges from a few inches to several feet and almost always has an unfinished floor, soil, gravel, etc. 


Watch For The 4 M's *Trademarked By our Field Leader Tim Darling

  • Moisture
  • Mice
  • Mold
  • Mildew


When our team steps into an attic or a crawl space they take a breath. And you can too. You can smell if the area is bad or not, which may indicate one or all 4 of these problems. You want a breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, a smelly and unhealthy breath is often inhaled, letting you know there may be a problem.  

Common Problems and What They Mean


This is the most common problem we see in a poorly executed crawl space. Yet moisture has the most damaging effect on a home as it is the catalyst for most of the other major problems.  Is your basement wet? Look for signs such as damp walls, water stains, peeling paint and rust on exposed metal.  In a finished basement, the moisture can be something through walls, backed up floor drains and leaky plumbing lines. 


we know you know where this came from. When a moisture problem is not handled fast enough you will see mildew growth on basement surfaces. Even worse it's a red flag that mold is growing in places you can't see but affect the structure and integrity of your home. not to mention health problems for you and your family.  


It's dark quiet, now its cold, wet and fungus and insects are invading your home. What's next?? Well mice of course. it a perfect breeding ground for a mouse and his family and the numbers will only multiply. As you can see starting off with a slight moisture problem due to improper crawl space encapsulation snowballs into a structural nightmare. But take a breath and relax. That's why we're here! 

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Green Attic Solutions

We are no strangers to crawl spaces and when we go in, we don't come out until the area is encapsulated. This prevents moisture from becoming an issue, among other things.

What this ensures is a healthy area free of mildew, mold and unwanted house guest. All of this is designed to improve the comfort and health of your home. It's just an added bonus it adds more value to your home.